Choosing my ‘adventure’

Not long back I wrote about career choices – the decision on that particular subject was not sheer serendipity. I doubt if any blog post subject is chosen without the conscious consent of its author – unless you’re typing hypnotised upon a shrink’s couch! So the motivation to write about career choices was driven by ruminations on my own career choices. I will not bore the reader with details on how well or poorly those choices turned out. I am a staunch believer in the “whatever happens happens for the good” adage – so I look at most of my choices as punts with varying odds. The higher the odds, the more exciting life becomes as you live out that choice. Ask any true gambler and they will tell you – as you bet $100 (or $10,000) on a 16 at a blackjack table, it does not matter whether the dealer pulls out a ’5′ or a ‘Jack’ – what matters is the exquisite suspense filled moments that lead upto the revelation! Those moments make life interesting – and ultimately why every gambler remains hooked even after losing a hefty pot and keeps coming for more!

So, it is with great joy that I read this piece from Amy Sundberg on “Choosing your own adventure”. She makes the point rather lucidly that life is too short and must be spent living it out the way you want to live it. There’s just far too much advice being doled about the way you should live, work, speak, etc. and Amy makes the point that while you may hear all the advice – at the end of the day, it’s your ‘adventure’ so go about it the way you want!

The reason why I was delighted after reading this (all thanks to my pal Kasera for the link) was that it is highly congruent with my own philosophy. Heck, I might be encroaching upon the Intellectual Property of sages and wise souls which is thousands of years old. Self-discovery and self-actualization have been the cornerstones of Indian philosophy and spiritual thinking since God knows when – so who am I to stake claim to having a unique philosophy. What surprises me is that there is so much being written, spoken and discussed about these topics in the Western world while we, here in India, continue to debate scams, black money and our respective sucky work-lives!

Anyhow, I have thought about 2 things a lot in the past 1 year – these topics have easily taken more mindspace than most important things in my life. The two topics are:

  1. What have I been upto recently? Am I happy doing what I am doing? Is it taking me closer to my self – discovery? If not, who is to be blamed? A choice made in a point in time or the circumstances leading up to it? How petty of me to start pointing fingers at circumstances to feel the comfort of being a victim – when the only person responsible for who / what I am today is me alone? This chain of thought usually ends with me taking full responsibility of whatever has happened till date and feeling upbeat about the fact that life has just been ‘priming’ me up for the next big choice – an ‘all-in’ bet that has its own heady mix of suspense and intrigue of ‘how it will all unfold?’
  2. What is my ‘own’ adventure? What decisions take me closer to it? How will it all unfold? How long will it take?

The second topic is what I am most intrigued by – to say that I am completely sure of what I am doing will be foolhardy. I am just sure that my current and past experiences have taught me one valuable lesson – it’s never too late to throw yourself into “your adventure”. So long as it keeps you hooked on the journey of self – discovery, I am happy to be here! Oddly, the results don’t matter much to me –  so long as I am enjoying the ride, I will stay! A bit like the gambler who is happy to be inside the casino till as long as he can dish out the last dime from his pocket.

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  • All the best for the ‘all-in’ bet :)

    PS: I like you writing – please do it more.

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