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You have changed!

On a flight to Jaipur for some work, I found myself in a tricky situation. Twenty minutes into the 90-odd minute flight, I realized I had sent all the emails I had to. There was some work (there always is!) to do but it wasn’t urgent. I didn’t have my iPad or a book so […]

Choosing my ‘adventure’

Not long back I wrote about career choices – the decision on that particular subject was not sheer serendipity. I doubt if any blog post subject is chosen without the conscious consent of its author – unless you’re typing hypnotised upon a shrink’s couch! So the motivation to write about career choices was driven by […]

Career Choices

Life is full of choices – so goes the oft quoted cliche. But some choices are more important than others. Your spouse, for example. Or your friends. Or your phone (maybe, that’s just for gadget freaks like me). Career choices are quite important too – maybe not as much as your spouse but pretty close […]

A runner’s mind

The inspiration for this post came from Alastair Baxter’s blog where he describes in brilliant detail what goes inside the head of a rugby player during the game. Here’s a recollection of what went through my head at different points during the Half Marathon. Starting Point: Slow and steady – should stick to my strategy […]

Learnings from the second Half Marathon

Post the euphoria of finishing my first half marathon, I had written a note on Facebook about 10 things I learnt from my first Half Marathon. As I finished my second HM of the year yesterday, some of the learnings seem very relevant while others a little amatuer-ish. So here’s another list – this is […]

Post 1

So the domain name is registered – WordPress installed and it’s time to start posting. I still don’t have a clue what the end goal of this website it but I am going to go by Paul Graham’s advice and stay upwind – maximise my options and see which ones I am going to take later on. […]