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How it sucks to be a young fast bowler in India! Or, do bowlers win you tests?

Disclaimer: Cricket, like other sports, always brings out an uninhibited stream of opinion/criticism/advice from its fans. This cerebration is sometimes backed by facts, other times by statistics and almost always laced with a healthy dose of emotion. So it is with this piece below. I am not doling out blinding insights based on rigorous facts […]

Running Year Review: 2012

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.                   ~Lao Tzu My journey into the wondrous world of running had begun in 2009 when I trained to run my first half-marathon (Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2010). Before 2012, it was a bumpy ride strewn […]

TCS World 10k Bangalore 2012: Race Report

Pre-amble: The Bangalore 10k has been one of my favorite races and one that I have now run three years in a row. There are three key factors that make it my favorite a) It happens in Bangalore, which is one of my favorite cities with awesome weather even in May-June when the race is […]

You have changed!

On a flight to Jaipur for some work, I found myself in a tricky situation. Twenty minutes into the 90-odd minute flight, I realized I had sent all the emails I had to. There was some work (there always is!) to do but it wasn’t urgent. I didn’t have my iPad or a book so […]

Choosing my ‘adventure’

Not long back I wrote about career choices – the decision on that particular subject was not sheer serendipity. I doubt if any blog post subject is chosen without the conscious consent of its author – unless you’re typing hypnotised upon a shrink’s couch! So the motivation to write about career choices was driven by […]

Career Choices

Life is full of choices – so goes the oft quoted cliche. But some choices are more important than others. Your spouse, for example. Or your friends. Or your phone (maybe, that’s just for gadget freaks like me). Career choices are quite important too – maybe not as much as your spouse but pretty close […]

I was there!

I now have a new #1 in the list of “interesting stories about myself” – a list that comes in very handy when socially gauche people like myself make small talk with acquaintances. My erstwhile #1 interesting story was a very good one: “Landing up in New York on my first ever trip there and […]

Apple’s secret sauce

Before you read any further you must know that I am a huge Apple-phile! Put about twenty u’s in huge and type it out in 32 – font, bold and underlined – kind of huge! So you will find some of that love showing up in this post. But this post is not about how […]

A runner’s mind

The inspiration for this post came from Alastair Baxter’s blog where he describes in brilliant detail what goes inside the head of a rugby player during the game. Here’s a recollection of what went through my head at different points during the Half Marathon. Starting Point: Slow and steady – should stick to my strategy […]

Learnings from the second Half Marathon

Post the euphoria of finishing my first half marathon, I had written a note on Facebook about 10 things I learnt from my first Half Marathon. As I finished my second HM of the year yesterday, some of the learnings seem very relevant while others a little amatuer-ish. So here’s another list – this is […]