Inspired by my Delhi Half Marathon run and a cool blog post!

A runner’s mind

The inspiration for this post came from Alastair Baxter’s blog where he describes in brilliant detail what goes inside the head of a rugby player during the game. Here’s a recollection of what went through my head at different points during the Half Marathon.

Never Quit !

  • Starting Point: Slow and steady – should stick to my strategy – stay hydrated and complete sub 2:45
  • Mile 1: So far so good – only 12 more left to go! I am going to count each one down
  • Mile 2: My left ankle is hurting – damn! Hope it subsides soon enough!Why is the song playing in my ear so slow – I thought this is a fast beats playlist!
  • Mile 3: I am running a little slow – can tell from all the women crossing me by! :)
  • Mile 4: A little out of breath – I need some water – but the ankle seems fine!
  • Mile 5: Slower than my first 5-mile target but what heavenly breeze on Rajpath!
  • Mile 6: Feel very good about myself – don’t feel tired so far – could this be the first continuous run all the way to the end?
  • Mile 7: Looking forward to the 10 mile mark now – I think I will make a mad dash to the finish from 16km marker but there is a flyover and an upward slope I noticed while on the other side of the road – will need to navigate the inclines carefully! Could this be a sub-2:30?
  • Mile 8: Sudden pain in the right hamstring and behind knee! Shit! Shit! Shit! I jinxed it by thinking about it too early – should have taken it 1 mile at a time! Need to take my mind off the pain – swig some Lucozade and not think about the pain.
  • Mile 9: The pain has subsided – I am crossing a few people now – no apparent tiredness! My longest run while training was 9 miles so that’s a record I just broke, Yippee!
  • Mile 10: This is officially the longest I have ever run without stopping – stopped around 14.5k in the Mumbai HM! The timing is a couple of minutes off target – let me hit the top of the flyover and then make a dash for it!
  • Mile 11: No stopping now – 3ks to go – must not run too fast initially; must not stop – this could actually be the first non-stop race!
  • Mile 12: Damn the Delhi Dream Run crowd – get the F#@$ out of my face! The pain behind the knee has returned with a vengeance – but I just cant’ stop now – no frickin way! Damn this Airtel hoarding and this stupid procession!Crank Up the pace!
  • Mile 13: I did it – there is the clock in the distance – need to do sub 2:43 (Gross Time) or 2:40 (Net time) – run run run!
  • Mile 13.1: High Fives! Relief! There are waves of happiness and euphoria crashing inside my head – silly smile on my face! The pain returns – man, why does God have to play spoilsport all the time! :)
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